Otherbound by Corinne Duyvis

Nolan’s reality keeps shifting between his own world and Amara’s, as he experiences life through Amara’s body every time he closes his eyes. Doctors think he’s hallucinating, but it’s all too real to Nolan, would can feel Amara’s physical sensations as his own, pain included. His ordinary life is a chaos of back and forth into a fantasy world in which Amara is constantly putting herself in danger to protect the heir to the throne after a coup that sent her on the run.

This compelling novel explores identity, gender and sexuality as Nolan is forced to experience a life that isn’t his own. Reading this book was a breathtaking journey, and I still can’t believe this was Corinne Duyvis’s debut. Although I very much enjoyed her other novel, On the Edge of Gone, Otherbound is just on another level. The narration mechanics truly make the book shine. I had trouble putting it down, and if it hadn’t been for external forces, I’m not sure I could have.

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